BLFGA Youth Archery Program

As part of our Youth Shooting Sports Program, the club has developed a summer Junior Archery League. They meet weekly in the summer months, with the program ably operated by Dave and Penny Young. Kids from 6-16, and sometimes younger have taken the field by storm here, with static standard targets, balloons, and 3-D targets, including an 8’ Velociraptor and 2 Stegosaurus’ often taking the pin-cushioning! It’s great fun for the kids (both boys and girls), and sometimes even more fun for the parents and spectators- and an excellent way to spend some family time and get outdoors! The end-of-season fun shoot is always a big hit too! Prices are kept very low, and basically cover the cost of material and arrow loss. A Junior Membership ($5 per year- insurance reasons), and $2 per week attended is normal.
Club Location: 1 Gilmour Rd., Brier Hill, NY
Mail Address: PO BOX 125, HAMMOND, NY 13646
   Black Lake Fish and Game Assoc.