Robinson Hall - Pavillion Dedication

As you may have seen, the club constructed a new 20’x60’ multi-purpose pavilion this year, with monetary assistance from the FNRA. The structure was erected with all-volunteer labor, with some traveling from Copenhagen, Watertown, and Carthage to lend a hand. The trim and final touches including wiring and lights remain to be completed, but the structure is indeed usable. The Youth Archery, the Rendezvous, the Mud Runs, and the Rick West, Master Falconer programs, as well as weekly trap shoots all made good use of the new facility.We decided the building should be named, and many ideas came to mind. In the end, it was decided that the building should be named for a man who, along with his family, have been involved in the club and the outdoor sports more than anyone else we could think of. A man who has attended just about every event, work detail, or meeting ever held at the club if it was humanly possible for him to do so. Although I myself, in all my years shooting trap at BLFGA have never seen him shoot a shotgun, he rarely has missed a shoot, and has likely loaded the trap machine with 99.9% of the clay pigeons it has thrown. He has been President of the club a number of times, and is often looked to for his leadership qualities and guidance in all matters. His extremely strong sense of morality and adherence to the principles of right and wrong are an example to us all. This man has fought for the rights of Sportspeople, has been a Sportsman Education Instructor for so long the year has faded from his certificate, and whose Father was a Charter member. He has supported the club through good times and bad, and whose wife, children, and now grandchildren have worked beside him to support this club. He has constructed more wood duck boxes, target frames, and various required range equipment than one could easily count, often from his own pocket. The heat is always on and the water ready to use when we need it for meetings and events because of the dedication of this man. We’re not entirely sure the man understands just how much we appreciate him and his efforts, and in trying to convey our thoughts on the matter decided the pavilion should forever more be known as Robinson Hall.

Michael Warren, President

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