Club Officers & Contact Info:

President - Mike Warren
Vice-President - Ryan Demick
Secretary - Liz Truskowski
Treasurer - Penny Young

Club Chef - Scottie Ritchie (pic)

OHR & Events: Mike, Ryan, Liz, Penny, Larry

Ice Derby: Ryan, Scott Ritchie, Mike Warren, Phil Halladay

Hunter Safety: Jim, Larry, Paul, Bim, Dave Young, Gary Jackson, Ralph Goodwin

Clubhouse/Structures: Mike, Kenny, Jim, Ryan

Rifle/Pistol Ranges, Grounds: Bruce Tiger, Bill Morrison, Kenny, Kyle Hollister, Bill

PR: Ryan, Liz, Penny Young, Larry

Youth Archery: Dave Young, Penny Young

Archery: Paul, Dave, Jarred, Phil Halladay, Penny

Youth Trap: Dave, Penny, Paul, Larry, Ralph, Larry Jr, Al and Carol Langtry, Jim Summer Education Program- Liz Truskowski, Mike Sherry

DEC Camp: Liz, Ryan, Mike, Larry

Trails: Larry, Jay, Scott Ritchie, Jason Butterfield, Tanner, Macaulay

Kayak/Canoe: Jason Butterfield

Snowshoeing: Larry, Jason, Liz

Youth Concerns: Jarred, Tanner, Keanna, Josh Hunter

Phone Numbers:

Mike Warren - 315-523-0298     (email)
Kenny Cutway - 315-869-6051   (email)
Liz Truskowski - 315-486-6046
Ryan Demick - 315-486-2210     (email)  (Txt Msg)  (Facetime)   
Fran "Bim" McDougal (Archery Safety) - 315-394-6816    (email)
Larry Kring - 315-375-8980     (email)
Jay Treat (Certified Level-2 Sporting Clays Instructor) 315-323-5585   (email)
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Club Location: 1 Gilmour Rd., Brier Hill, NY
Mail Address: PO BOX 125, HAMMOND, NY 13646
   Black Lake Fish and Game Assoc.